In this blog, I am going to discuss elaborately "Fundamental Duties" as our Constitution of India also requires citizens to observe certain basic norms of democratic conduct and democratic behavior. So, let's start...

Part IV-A of the Indian Constitution consists of only one Article, that is, Article 51-A was added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment, 1976. This Articles specifies a Code of ten fundamental duties for citizens and it says that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India - 

a) to obey our Constitution and respect its ideals, the National Flag and National Anthem;

b)  to follow and to adore the noble ideals;

c) to preserve the sovereignty, integrity and unity of India and to uphold it;

d) to protect the country and render national service when called upon to do so;

e) to encourage the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India;

f) to preserve the heritage of our composite culture;

g) to preserve and improve the natural environment including forests, wild life, lakes, rivers;

h) to develop humanism and the spirit of reform;

i) to protect public property;

j) to aim towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity. 

These duties are statutory duties incorporated by the 42nd Amendment and shall be enforceable by law. It is necessary that the fundamental duties should be known to all for its proper enforcement.

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