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Legal Tantra was founded in May 2020, our website is all about sharing information and giving a knowledge  updates on the legal topics in our own way. You can also consult some legal issue with us. 

So here we are trying to get bigger Legal Tantra into a worldwide platform by giving a knowledge update on Indian Legal Proceedings and give a brief overviews of Act, Regulations, Ordinances, Law's, Case Law's, Important Judgment of Supreme court and every single thing related to Indian Law's. 

Why should you follow Legal Tantra ?

Legal Tantra is a platform, where we are trying to create a constructive environment. 

If you want to know latst law's as well as the most important articles, section and the judgement of the supreme court, then do follow are website frequently as well as on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM.

However, if you are interested in the following :

  • Advertising
  • Collaboration

Or else if you are interested to publish your beautiful article in our Blogs then feel free to contact us, we will definitely publish your content or articles. 

Do remember to read our latest post on regularly and share as much as possible to motivate others. 

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Legal Tantra Team



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